Let Them Eat Cake

“There is a way out.
You don’t have to suffer alone.
There are people out there who want to love you, who would be honored to bear witness to your pain.
Healing doesn’t happen in a vacuum.
We are human and we have an inherent need to see and be seen, to touch and be touched.
No one heals heartbreak alone.”

–I did not write or own these words.  I was doing some reading on CNN a few days ago and jotted them down, forgot to notate the author.  I needed to read this. 

I’m so quick to isolate myslef when I am feeling down, but it only perpetuates the pain.  So if you are feeling blue take care of you, but get out there and be social too!

….And eat cake.  Cake makes almost everything better.  In Case CAKE of Emergencies Only!

Blueberry Chocolate Cheesecake Amazingness:


Doesn’t it make you feel better just looking at it?  Cake. Cake. CAKE.

Smile today, K!



They rolled down.
Viscous and round.
My tears fell in my coffee.


In the cold,
they were bold,
and warm,
against my face.


I gripped the cup,
Raised my chin up.
Like it would keep me
From crying.


My drip was stained,
but I could not complain
about the tear drops
in my coffee.


They fall.


How could vapid,
Taste so beautiful?

by Shayla Lane




Own it.
Take control of it.
Live it.
Breathe it.

Shed blood,
Sweat, and
Tears for it.

Every day and
Every night
Lose sleep over it.

When each bit of your body
Screams for it,
You relish in it
And can’t let go of it.

So you fight for it.
Would die for it.
Sacrifice your life for it.

When the world quiets down
And no one else is around
The sound of it,
Still reverberates
From the very pit of it.

Penetrates your soul
And you realize that,
This as a whole
Has been the only thing
Holding you up.

So, how could you give it up?

-By Shayla Lane

Almost there!

I missed posting on Sober Day #60, so here’s to day #65! Twenty-five more days to go.
I’m still not sure if I will even drink after Day #90. Although, I have been considering doing some other type of 90 challenge. Maybe, 90 days of fitness? Or 90 days absolute clean eating? I feel like if I’m not giving up something, then it is not really a challenge. If I do another 90 day challenge I will have dedicated half of the year to investing in reaching my full potential. Looking foward to shattering more goals!

GP Wednesday

Hey, Welcome to Guilty Pleasure Wednesday!!! What better way to celebrate Humpday than to share the little things that get me through the week?

First up: GRUMPY CAT

She says things that would never come out of my mouth but, it’s hilarious anyway. By the middle of the workweek, we have all been able to relate to Grumpy Cat at one time or another.

-Enjoy!  I do not own any of theses images, but you can follow Grumpy Cat on Instagram and Facebook. 


What about the “Fourth Kind”?


But, I love coffee.


I mean, we do spend at least forty hours a week together. I think we should see other people.


Ctrl, Alt, Delete. Ctrl, Alt, Delete.


Yeah, don’t tell me what to do!


Do you even lift?

P.S.  I did caption each photo.

 Happy Humpday!  What is your favorite Guilty Pleasure?

Spring BREAK


This Spring I am breaking DEMOLISHING bad habits!

Today March 6, 2013 I am 30 days Sober!

I would never consider myself and alcoholic but, I would say the drinking has prevented me from reaching my full potential. My “Pro vs. Con” list for consuming adult beverages definitely was unbalanced. The “Con” side of the list was probably 10 times larger.

Drinking takes time, money, and energy that I do not have! So for now, I have given it up. My goal is to reach at least 90 days, which will be May 5th. That will get me through this semester of school and allow me enough time to decide whether alcohol is something I want to give up forever.

I am more excited than I thought I would be. I feel like I overcame something. I told my body and peer pressure who is boss! I am mostly a social drinker but I have realized that I drink only drink when I am bored, lonely, and uncomfortable. So drinking was just a coping mechanism.

Anywoo I have been sleeping better and feeling less anxious day to day so maybe not consuming alcohol has something to do with that too. It has not been piece of cake though. Last Friday I actually got a little frustrated and cried because I just wanted to go “sit a bar” after my midterms. You and I both know you can not just go “SIT” at a “BAR”. Maybe you can. I can’t, at least not yet.

While not drinking I plan to increase my fitness level, decrease my waistline, increase my GPA, and… increase my self awareness.

What can I do I like to do on a Friday or Saturday night besides party? What kind of entertainment can I enjoy without a drink? Can I sit at the beach alllll day without drinking? What about being out on the boat? I’m so used to meeting people at bars, will I make any new friends? Will I lose friends?

I hope the the next 60 days brings some interesting revelations. Since I have more time on my hands I plan to share more 🙂

Thanks for stopping by




Fell flat on your face
and everyone saw.

They watch,
they talk,
they stare,
and their glare
is piercing.

From the crown of your head
to the sole of your feet
the heat
of humiliation rages,

and bleeding.
Every inch of you is screaming,
grasping for redemption.

They watch,
they talk,
they stare,
and their glare
is piercing.

Their words are made
of blades
and knives.
Even the lies
the tell,
still hurt.

From the sidelines
they gawk.
But you get up and walk,
because you are still in
this race.

Eyes steadily stinging, but
you continue down the path
that your tears have paved.


It does not hurt any less.
It probably never will,
but even still
You will cross the finish line.

They stare.

Their glare.

They watch.

You win.

By Shayla Lane